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   This past Saturday I was in my favorite local jewelry store and the owner was there. He hadn't seen me in quite a while but he recognized me right away, calling me by name (great customer service), and saying to the salesman that was helping me that he had to show me the latest bracelets (it has literally been years since we have seen each other and he still remembered that bracelets are my favorite)  

We reminisced about our relationship over the years. He told PJ (the first person to wait on me years ago) was doing, how he now lives in Jersey with his wife and kid (he was working his way through school when we met) and that he always asks about me when they speak (he made a lot of commission money from me ). I'm not sure he even remembers me. Anyway, I told him a bit of what I've been up to and that I have restarted my online store. He got excited and ask if I'd like to work with him. 

                                                     cascade diamond ring

One thing led to another and now Diana's Space is an authorized seller of Gold n Diamonds Jewelry. I am so pleased because the folks at Gold n Diamonds are outstanding. They have the best prices on the best quality diamonds (my personal favorite) and gems. I'm excited to be partnered with such a great man and his lovely store. So if you like jewelry as much as I do, stay tuned for some great deals coming to the site.soon.  

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